Professional, traditional artist (fine arts).

Specializing in creating photo-realistic and hyper-realistic portraits, often incorporating surrealism and symbolism.

Xenya was born into a bessarabian family of an army officer and a teacher. From young age she traveled with her parents all around the world and considers herself as a cosmopolite – a global citizen, belonging not just to one country.

Xenya has lived and studied in various countries around Eastern Europe. Her passion for art started at an early age.

By age 6 she was active in drawing and sketching. She continued her studies in art school, art academy, then completed Art University with a diploma in Fine Arts.

After graduation, Xenya started her career working as a gallery art manager, and at the age of 25 she moved to Central Europe with a huge desire for adventures and to develop her career as an artist.

At the age of 26 she already had experience working in various art shops and galleries in Prague and Karlstejn, Czech Republic. She held her first art exhibit in June 2009 at the Art Gallery in Karlstejn, Czech Republic.

In 2010 Xenya created her trademark called "Xeny-Art". So far she is in a process of opening a work-shop in Prague, where she lives at the moment, and has a studio.

Currently she works as a freelance artist-illustrator. She has created illustrations for various books, and is in the progress of creating her own illustration book, to be released in 2019-2020.

As she progresses in her career as an artist-portraitist, she’s done multiple portraits for public figures and has been participating in the feminist movement through her work.