Artist’s statement

Every stroke


Pencil has been my best friend since childhood

Though I also enjoy working with ink, graphite powder, charcoal, water-colors. I like to balance unique textures, movement and energy, that happen naturally, without over-thinking.

Recently I’m progressing in photo-realism, but incorporating surrealism and a more symbolic portrayal of people and ideas. Being very passionate about tattoo art, dark fine art and everything bizarre, I tend to add deep shadows to my works, making my style a bit edgy, but yet classic.

I like to be somewhere between realism and fantasy—that fine line, that sharp edge fascinates me I'd like to believe that my spirituality impacts my art, I wish to translate my emotions onto every canvas by telling a story with contrast, light-shadow, shape, and figures.

Every stroke is a manifestation of deep rooted spirituality and emotion. My art is air that I breath—not merely an expression of what I feel or think, but a necessity for life. Literally I can describe my life as- Eat, Sleep, Draw. I can't remember myself and can't imagine myself without it.